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PROTECT IP Act Breaks the Internet

PROTECT-IP is dangerous bill that is up for discussion in congress today, and it has the power to cripple internet startups and vastly change the open nature of the internet.  PROTECT IP essentially gives the entertainment industry to censor, enforce, and sue any person, company or ISP that allows access to copyrighted material.  With the way that the bill is written this will put people singing an acapella rendition of their favorite pop song in the legal cross hairs of the entertainment industry in the same way that it would for a file sharing site.

Protecting copyrights and piracy are important issues that need to be dealt with, but PROTECT-IP and SOPA will drastically change the was we enjoy and do business on the internet for the negative.

Thanks to Tumblr’s efforts to get people to call congress, I had a great conversation with my local representative Gary Miller’s office.  Take the two minutes it takes to voice your opinion.  Simply fill out your phone number, address and zip code and Tumblr will call your phone connecting you directly to your representative’s office.

Read more about what you can do at  From a business perspective read Fred Wilson’s (venture capitalist and Tumblr’s investor) post on the architecture of the internet.

Please reblog this and take action!

This reminds me of the bill, that was floating years back. Remember the censorship bill that Parliament wanted to pass. Ah Australia, now it’s America….


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    Let’s not become China, shall we?
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    Propuesta en el congreso de Estados Unidos para regular AUN MÁS
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    This reminds me of the bill, that was floating years back. Remember the censorship bill that Parliament wanted to pass....
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